Silent Winters Sept. 15th

When I heard the May 2017 first album from Silent Winters, Fireworks & A Small Brigade, I was immediately drawn in. I knew I wanted to hear them sharing this music live. I reached out and was disappointed to hear they considered it a "studio project", not for live performance.

More than a year later, I'm delighted to welcome you to Lottie's for an intimate house concert with Silent Winters.

Saturday, September 15th
Gathering at 7 pm
Music begins at 7:30 pm
tickets in advance: $25
Intimate space! Room for 25 people - please get your tickets so you don't miss this.
Email: for tickets

Olenka Bastian and Jonathan Chandler are Silent Winters, an Ottawa folk duo with a warm, intimate repertoire born of cold months and fireside contemplation. Channeling a musical chemistry perfected while harmonizing as lead singers in rock outfit Amos the Transparent, Olenka and Jonathan craft pared-down, acoustic compositions supporting pure vocals and heart-melting lyrics.

Silent Winters claims its creative heritage in such acts as Simon & Garfunkel, The Milk Carton Kids and The Civil Wars, while treading fresh musical tracks with crystal-clear harmonies and tender, poetic storytelling. They were 2017 Canadian Folk Music Award nominees for Ensemble of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year.

Olenka and Jonathan are currently in studio recording their next album, set to release in January 2019. They will step away from the studio for this special evening. Come join us!!

event photo: Brittany Fleming Photography

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Georgian Bay & Moonfruits - Oct. 13th

The harmony of two vocally-driven duos combines with the bilingual harmony of French and English. Step into a marvelous evening of song.


Saturday, October 13th
Gathering at 7 pm
Music begins at 7:30 pm
tickets in advance: $25

Intimate space! Room for 25 people – please get your tickets so you don’t miss this.
for tickets please email:


Georgian Bay, the duo of Kelly Lefaive & Joëlle Westman, come to Ottawa with music that forms the second half of their double album release, Courage – called Moon.

The name Georgian Bay holds in it a sense of the ties that bind Kelly and Joëlle, the memories that connect them, and the peace that sustains them. It’s an area rich with history, timeless legends, and natural beauty. This is where Kelly grew up and where her family still lives. This is where Joëlle’s maternal side of the family tilled the land as farmers for many generations. No matter what hardships life may hold for them, no matter how heavy their hearts may grow, all they have to do is visit the shores of Georgian Bay to feel at peace again. They bring their peaceful joy to Lotties for the evening.


Escorted by a banjo and a parlour guitar, Ottawa’s Moonfruits’ soaring harmonies captivate listeners and celebrate common ground. Partners on and off stage, Alex Millaire & Kaitlin Milroy summon music from a place where ideals and imagination intertwine.

Best heard in an intimate listening room, “Moonfruits move together in a playful exchange, constantly in each other’s pocket, voices wound around each other, creating an almost singular entity in their sound.” — Terry Steeves, Apt613

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Offering a carefully curated handful of acoustic house concerts throughout the year, Lottie’s is a harmonious and tranquil pause within the bustle of the city. Situated east of downtown Ottawa in Vanier near the lush green banks of the Rideau River, and filled with light, love and music. You'll want to come back again.
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